Imágenes Huastecas, orchestral version (2021)

Despertares, for orchestra (2016)

Fluctuación Sensorial, for alto saxophone and string quartet (2019) | Alto saxophone and string orchestra version (2022) 

Imágenes Huastecas, for ensemble (2019) | chamber orchestra version (2019)

String Quartet No.2 “Exploraciones” (2018-2020)

Brain Squeezer, for percussion quartet (2018-2020)

1987, for violin, trombone, and piano (2017) | Violin, horn, and piano version (2022)

California Journey, for pierrot ensemble and percussion (2017-2019)

Ciclos, para la mano derecha (piano) y cuerdas (2015)

Trombonosis, for trombone quartet (2015)

Esplín, for flute, piccolo, and piano (2015)

String Quartet No.1 “Distonía” (2013-2014)

Reminiscencias de Xalapa, for SATB choir (2018)

Amor mío, mi amor…, for SATB choir (2018)

Ecos de un recuerdo, for alto saxophone and piano (2022)

Momentum, for solo flute (2022)

Remembranzas, for solo trombone (2020)

Flow, for violin and viola (2019)

Lejos de casa, for trombone and piano (2018)

Daydreaming, for four-hands piano (2017-2018)

Nocturno, for flute and cello (2013)

Tres Miniaturas, for piano solo (2012)

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